Pure Vanilla Powder 3.5 ounces
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Pure Vanilla Powder 3.5 ounces

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Our Indonesain farmer works hard to make sure everything he produces is used in one way or another.  By using organic principles, our farmer is able to embrace this concept.  One way our farmer makes sure to use everything and not waste, is by drying the vanilla beans that are not big enough or long enough to sell.  He dries them out completely and then grinds them into a finely ground vanilla powder. 

Our vanilla powder is 100% vanilla beans...no additives, no anti-caking agent, no preservative...Just GREAT taste.  Vanilla powder can be used in many different applications.  Here are just a few....vanilla sugar, vanilla coffee, ice cream, cookies, cakes, pastries...anywhere you can use vanilla extract or vanilla beans.  The possibilities are endless.  



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